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House staff


The Butler is an employee responsible for the proper keeping of a house and its staff. At the entire disposal of his employer, his missions vary according to the properties in which he evolves. It can carry out the management of the budget of the House, the planning of the staff, organize the receptions, the events, the holidays. He can also perform housekeeping and valet chores. The butler can sometimes be used as a driver or Personal assistant. Your butler will be at your service for every situation. A man of trust, he will often be your only interlocutor for the management of your property. He will watch over everything and face any situation.


The responsibilities of a Butler can vary depending on the houses, but as a general rule it ensures the establishment of the table for a good course of service, it also ensures the service of aperitif, wines, dishes, coffee, boning of fish and meats.


The Housekeeper manages the organization and the state of the house. Yours will bring the utmost care to your home and, according to your needs, be your only employee (it must be versatile (preparation of meals, races, silverware, reception of children …) or responsible for maintenance personnel. In this case it will enforce the quality guidelines and frame the team. To be a governess is to occupy a position of responsibility.

Employee of house

The Home Employee is responsible for carrying out all the household chores which support the routine maintenance of a house (housekeeping, maintenance of the laundry, ironing, shopping, preparation of meals …) The Home Employee can sometimes be called for table service.


The Maid is responsible for the housekeeping of a house. She knows perfectly the methods of cleaning, the use of products and equipment. She can work full time or do a few hours a week.


The Driver mission is to lead his employer to his different appointments. An experienced professional, he may have to go shopping, pick up people at the airport, accompany the children to school. Availability, confidentiality and reliability are the words of our drivers who will be at your disposal. You are demanding, we will make for you a tailor-made service.

Child service


The Nanny is responsible for the care and education of the children of the birth at the entrance to the school. She watches over them from morning to night, prepares their meals, helps their educational and social development and their well-being. In terms of domestic chores, a nanny only has the storage of the room and the upkeep of the children’s clothes. The Nanny must educate children by respecting the customs and values of the family it accompanies when travelling.



The Babysitter The mission is to keep children in the daytime, evening and night. Our babysitters are selected rigorously and are all qualified in the field of early childhood, coaching, animation as well as in first aid care. Anxious to meet your children’s needs and wishes, our Babysitters give them special attention.

Child gouverness

The Child Governess Manages the education, the school life, the personal life of the children of the family. She succeeds the nanny. Always caring and attentive to the needs of each child, she supervises (educational programmes, trips, extracurricular activities …) and frames. According to their skills (some have a teacher’s degree), Governesses can prepare children for exams.


Housekeeping SOS is a service to upgrade your home staff. Logistics, time management, maintenance of noble materials, ironing,
organisation of the races … nothing is left to chance. Our trainers, who all have a long experience of house manager,
will teach your employees how to achieve perfection

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